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The anti-allergen hoover is your ally

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Pollens, pet dander and house dust can really make life difficult for allergy sufferers. The triggers of these annoying symptoms are primarily in the air and are hidden precisely where we like to spend most of our time, for example in bed. A HEPA-filtered allergy hoover, mattress protectors and proper ventilation can help make your home more pleasant and healthy again. A little effort for a big effect!

Of all places, the bedroom, bed and sofa are the most risky for allergy sufferers. This is where the allergens that cause the troublesome symptoms for people allergic to house dust, pet hair and pollen accumulate. That's why it's so important to keep rooms and furniture free of dust and allergens. The good news is that a little effort goes a long way when you use the Kobold allergen hoover with a HEPA filter that absorbs allergens and holds them safely in the dust bag. The Vorwerk Kobold is a great help with its excellent filter system. It has also been awarded the TÜV label "suitable for allergy sufferers".

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