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Dog Toilet TRT-650

Dog Toilet TRT-650

SKU: 531249
VAT Included

Toilet/potty tray with no-splash border, grid to keep paws dry, non-slip rubber feet for puppy & dog

  • About this product:

    • INCLUDED IN DELIVERY: 1 set of pet pad holder | Item Weight: 2.25kg | Suitable for: 60 x 45 cm pet sheet/pad
    • DIMENSIONS: Length 50.5cm x Width 65cm x Height 18.5cm (Length 19.88" x Width 25.59" x Height 7.28") | MATERIAL: Polyethylene, ABS | Ideal for small dogs that weigh less than 7kg/11lbs.
    • KEEP TOILET SHEETS IN PLACE: The Iris Ohyama TOILET SHEET Holder is a pet toilet tray that helps keep toilet sheets in place. It's an ideal solution for newly adopted puppies or older dogs who have trouble finding a place to pee. It is most effective after consulting your licensed trainer.
    • CONVENIENT DESIGN: The walls and rim of the pet pad holder are higher than ordinary dog toilets, which makes it easier for your dog to learn to use the toilet, and is also effective in preventing scattering pee. Equipped with a grid allowing your dog to keep his paws dry when he does his business.
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE: The edge of the sheet turns up to prevent urine from dripping down the sides or back of the sheets. Likewise, the four corners tend to hold the sheets firmly in place and the slits prevent the sheets from slipping or sagging.
    • PET-FRIENDLY HOME: Dog training pads with pet pad support are highly recommended when introduced to your pets patiently and gradually. After consulting with your Certified Dog Trainer, you can enjoy a mess-free and happy home.
  • Features :

    Product Dimensions (LxWxH) ‎50.5 x 65 x 18.5cm; 2.2 kilograms
    Color ‎Beige 
    Size ‎Medium
    Number of units per item ‎1
    Number of articles ‎1
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