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Choosing a barrier for your pet

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The size of the adult dog should be taken into account when buying the right type of barrier. Although often psychological, this object should represent a real obstacle for the dog. Dog fences are often made of wood, metal or plastic.

In order to improve the dog's life in the house or to define the areas allowed and those reserved for humans, various everyday objects can be used for your dog. A dog gate is used to restrict the dog's access to certain rooms or upstairs, as it restricts the space of the little ones. Dog steps are designed to give small animals more independence or to relieve older dogs who can no longer make big jumps.

A good dog fence is made of a strong material and has an easy and sturdy fastening system to withstand attempts by the dog to get through. Dog steps are chosen according to very objective criteria such as stability, maintenance and weight. The lighter it is, the easier it will be to move around and follow your dog everywhere to make his life easier.

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