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Iris takes part in the Made In France show

#IRISATHOME – Made in France

For the first time, Iris is presenting itself to the general public by participating in the Made In France fair from November 10 to 13, 2022 next stand G20-F21, at Porte de Versailles.

For 3 years, the Japanese giant IRIS, which weighs 5.5 billion worldwide and offers 26,000 product references, has been actively working on the reindustrialization of new products in Europe. Developing practical and useful solutions to make everyday life easier is at the heart of IRIS' concerns. The brand's French catalog consists of nearly 1,000 products including 269 references for storage, animal accessories and fans made in France.

It is under the WOOZOO BY OHYAMA brand that IRIS launches its first PCF HE18 fan "Made in LIEUSAINT", in Seine-et-Marne in its 65,000m2 factory. The new production line in place is already working on the production of the one and only "Made in France" fan in order to meet the demands of major players in small household appliances for next season.

The PCF HE18 fan is a bestseller of the brand in Japan, awarded in 2020 by the "International Design Awards" known for celebrating and promoting design visionaries and discovering emerging talents in the fields of architecture, interior , products, graphics and fashion. It is therefore this best-selling product with a Japanese design, compact and refined, which was chosen by the IRIS Ohyama group to be manufactured on French territory.

Already sold 15 million units worldwide, the PCF HE18 fan has been designed using technology to concentrate the airflow for faster cooling. The combination of the design of the blades with the circular shape of the device and the spiral shape of the grille generates a concentrated air flow that differentiates our product from conventional fans on the market. Qualitative, silent and powerful, for day and night use, it quickly and evenly refreshes the air in a room up to 23m2. Thanks to its patented 3D propellers and its 360° rotation, the PCF HE 18 diffuses a jet of air in the shape of a spiral favoring a better distribution of fresh air in the room.

“Our strategy is to expand our French product lines of everyday products and seasonal products in order to offer more flexibility to our customers. We are proud to help France gain industrial sovereignty,” explains Masaki Mizutani, Managing Director of IRIS France. “We strive to provide solutions for every need, in every season. Our products are designed to offer ideal comfort while combining efficiency, performance, ease of use and respect for the environment. Our state-of-the-art knowledge and our experience in the design and manufacture of quality products are guarantees that we wish to offer to the European market with local, responsible and responsive production,” he adds.

An expert in plastics processing, the Iris plant in Lieusaint is equipped with 70 plastic injection presses.

Plastic injection presses produce storage boxes and columns as well as accessories for animals of different volumes and colors on a daily basis.

Examples of some best-selling home and garage storage boxes made in France:

Exemples de quelques bestsellers d’accessoires pour animaux fabriqués en France :

With a turnover of 5.5 billion worldwide, including 83.5 million in Europe, Iris Ohyama is a major player in solutions for everyday life. A large majority of our storage range is produced in Europe in our factories based in Tilburg in the Netherlands or in Lieusaint in France. Throughout the world, Iris has 33 production sites allowing the import of different products not "made in France" but "made in Iris", that is to say from its own factories.

A wide range of appliances:

· The AP45-M air purifier equipped with three filters favoring the elimination of all kinds of pollution, not only allergens, such as mold, dust mites and pollen, but also household odors (cigarettes, cooking, animals, etc.) ). Extremely powerful while being both silent, it quickly treats large volumes of air and captures nearly 99.97% of particles as fine as 0.3 microns to return healthy and odorless air.

· The SCD-130P multi-cyclonic cordless vacuum cleaner: powerful and light, it sucks constantly and is equipped with a dust sensor and red, yellow and green indicator lights, displaying the dust level at a glance. 'eye. The indicator light turns red when a very dusty place is detected. After vacuuming, the light turns green guaranteeing an impeccably clean space.

· The IC-M01-W cordless vibrating spray broom cleans and polishes floors efficiently and without streaks. Comfortable in its use, its integrated battery offers an autonomy of 70 minutes.

· The PC-MA3 multifunction cooking robot allows you to make all types of recipes in record time without having to monitor the cooking: a real kitchen companion!

· The RC-ID31 2-in-1 rice cooker / hotplate: from a design point of view, it stands out for its square shape. Very pretty, it can find its place in the kitchen without difficulty. Versatile, it prepares many accompaniments (rice, cereals, soups, lentils, vegetables, etc.). Eight cooking menus are offered for rice that is always cooked to perfection and with ease. Its integrated cooking plate allows you to make various dishes. Compact and mobile, it can be taken anywhere.

· The HW-01 heated jacket offers 4 heating levels ranging from 38°C to 53°C. The garment is heated by an external battery to provide heat, without the need to wear several layers. This technology uses bundles of very thin and resistant non-metallic carbon fibers to actively heat. Available in men's or women's versions, this jacket is thin and light for great comfort.

Modern, refined and designer furniture

On the furniture side, Iris offers many trendy and accessible references, rich in many colors to adapt to all interiors.

60 years of know-how and expertise

Day after day, Iris Ohyama gains the trust of millions of consumers, especially on Marketplaces, and we intend to keep it. For more than 60 years, our passion for aesthetics and technology has given rise to products that are truly actors in contemporary life. It is in Japan that IRIS OHYAMA has always designed exclusive solutions. Through each of our ever-expanding ranges, we offer reliable and quality products that meet interior needs: storage, household appliances, furniture for adults and children, accessories for animals, hygiene products, accessories for the organization of kitchen, bathroom, garage, garden... There is everything for the house!

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