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Dog Toilet IT-500

Dog Toilet IT-500

SKU: 531252
VAT Included

Toilet / cleanliness tray with grid wall to keep paws dry, 2 clips, non-slip rubber feet for male puppies

  • About this product:

    • INCLUDED IN DELIVERY: 1 set of pet pad holder | Item Weight: 1.15kg | Suitable for: 45x 33 cm pet sheet/pad
    • DIMENSIONS: Length 34.5cm x Width 50cm x Height 32.3cm (Length 13.58" x Width 19.69" x Height 12.72") | MATERIAL: Polyethylene, ABS | Ideal for small dogs that weigh less than 5kg/11lbs.
    • KEEP TOILET SHEETS IN PLACE: The Iris Ohyama TOILET SHEET Holder is a pet toilet tray that helps keep toilet sheets in place. It's an ideal solution for newly adopted puppies or older dogs who have trouble finding a place to pee. It is most effective after consulting your licensed trainer.
    • CONVENIENT UNIQUE DESIGN: The large and double wide sizes can be folded in half and one side can be raised to be used as a men's toilet, this system is also effective in preventing pee from scattering. This pet box also makes it easy to change sheets in two steps: just put the sheets in and take them off.
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE: Sheets can be held firmly in place, eliminating the need for a conventional frame and making cleaning easier. It is also washable with water and can be used repeatedly even if it is covered in debris.
    • PET-FRIENDLY HOME: Dog training pads with pet pad support are highly recommended when introduced to your pets patiently and gradually. After consulting with your Certified Dog Trainer, you can enjoy a mess-free and happy home.
  • Features :

    Product dimensions (LxWxH) ‎34.5 x 50 x 32.3cm; 1 kilogram
    Color ‎Grey
    Size ‎Small
    Number of articles ‎1
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