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PetPad NS-60W

PetPad NS-60W

SKU: 530851
VAT Included

Disposable educator / underpad mat, set of 60, ultra-absorbent, leak-proof & odor proof, disposable for  dog

  • About this product:

    • INCLUDED IN DELIVERY: 60 Pcs. of puppy pads | DIMENSION: Length 60 x Width 45 cm (Length 23.62" x Width 17.71")
    • MATERIAL: Cotton pulp, antibacterial polymer, polyethylene | Ideal for small breed dogs that weigh less than 15kg/33lbs.
    • HIGH QUALITY TOP LAYER: The Iris Ohyama NS-60W is a highly absorbent pet pillow whose top layer is made of high quality cotton quilted material which distributes liquid evenly across the sheets.
    • SUPER ABSORBENT: The pet sheets are equipped with an antibacterial polymer that absorbs liquid and turns it into a gel. The polymer also prevents the smell from spreading through your home.
    • LEAK PROOF: Each sheet of pet pads has a plastic backing that creates a leak proof barrier that protects your floor from unwanted leaks and odors. You can also use the pedicure sheets with our pet pad support for puppies.
    • PET-FRIENDLY HOME: Dog training pads are highly recommended when patiently and gradually introduced to your pets. After consulting with your Certified Dog Trainer, you can enjoy a mess-free and happy home.
  • Features :

    type of animal ‎Dog
    Color ‎Blue
    Size ‎Medium
    Product weight ‎0.22 Books
    Number of units per item ‎60
    Number of articles ‎1
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